This is me sitting in the stands at New Hampshire International Speedway in July, 2002!
Hello, my name is Brenda and welcome to my Homepage. I'm 49 years old, I live in southern New Hampshire. My Height is almost 5 feet! Red hair, light brown eyes, pale white skin. I live in a cute 3 room apartment with my two kitty babies, Emma Lee and Tinker Belle.

I ran my own small housecleaning buisness from 1985 to 2001. Now I am retired. I enjoy going to the beach, watching races and hanging out with a few friends to play cards. I am very allergic to smoke. My lungs were burned in a fire when I was 5 years old so it is hard for me to be around smokers. I wear cloth over my nose at the races. (Not constantly but if the wind dies down and the fumes are strong).
I don't drink much alcohol and don't want to date anyone who does. I hope to meet some of my NASCAR friends from on line some day and maybe go to a race together.I also sing with a group of 200 women. We areVoices From The Heart

We sing a large variety of original folk music from around the world. We sing in original languages. We sing mostly a cappella

How I got into Racing

    I grew up with my dad watching NASCAR races. Richard Petty was the one daddy was rooting for. Then came along Dale Earnhardt. He was kinda cool as daddy put it. As a teen, I wasn't much into racing but if I saw it somewhere I always said GO DALE EARNHARDT!!! Many years passed that racing never even entered my mind. Then, In the early 90's I would see a NASCAR race on TV and want to watch it. My people were not very interested in it so I hardly ever saw races. But when I did see a race, it was ALWAYS Dale Earnhardt and his black #3, I was rooting for.
Then tragedy struck! The 11 o'clock news said Dale Earnhardt was in a fatal accident at Daytona. I was stunned! I was shocked! I sat down and cried my eyes out! I was glued to the tv and news! I wanted to hear everything I could to find out what happened to my driver! I was mad! How could this happen? I felt guilty for not keeping up with the racing community all these years. I always loved to see any drag races on tv whenever I was Allowed to watch. A few Nascar WC races here and there and the Indy 500. For days I was in shock. I looked for information about racing and see what I could find out about what happened to Dale. I watched the race the following Sunday when Steve Park won. I didn't even know who Steve was or that he drove for DEI.
I cried again. I missed the next race due to prior commitment but I did see Kevin Harvick win his FIRST WC Race by a nose!! Tears of joy flowed as I learned how he climbed into that #3 car with a new paint scheme and Dale's Birthday number 29! From that moment on I was "hooked" as they say!
    I wanted to find a place I could go to talk about NASCAR with other people but I didn't know anyone who watched racing. At the end of the Bristol Motor Speedway Food City 500, I saw that all too familiar NASCAR.COM commercial and I thought, I wonder if I can go to that place and find people to talk with about racing? Only I didn't have a computer. I was telling Roy about this and he says to me, "Brenda, didn't Francine give you her webtv when she bought a computer? If you get that hooked up, you can go to that web site. I will show you how to do it!"
    The next day I worked on getting it installed and on April 1st, I was on line! With in two weeks of searching around, I found sports-nascar chat room. WoWs! Lots of people talking about NASCAR! GM3an8 was the first person to welcome me into the room. He was kind to me. I didn't know what "lol" was or "lmao" or anything! He was happy to help me learn, LoL...There was a lot to learn. Little by little I was learning too. I met more and more people and watched a weekly !Triv game and was learning! I met Papasmurf and he sent me an IRC to play with, His wife, DanceysAngel, started chatting with me and teaching me how to work the irc. As the weeks pasted I fell in love with my new NASCAR community.

How I Became a Harvick Fan

    I was very happy to finally have found what I had been looking for. It's been a few years now and I have really learned alot about many different drivers and teams and past drivers too. I played in the trivia games to learn more and now I feel comfortable living out my NASCAR Love through webtv and FOX and yes even NBC, TNT. I have developed a liking for quite a few drivers. Some say my favorites don't go together too well but hey, I like them, I admit it and I root for them!!
Of course my Ultimate driver is, was and always will be Dale Earnhardt. I fell in love with Kevin Harvick that 3rd WC start of his and he is MY driver! I like his driving style, his confidence. His ability to race well in Winston Cup (now NEXTEL CUP) with A Full Busch Grand National schedule was incredible! To win The 2001 Busch Grand National Championship, WC 2001 Rookie of the Year AND finish in the top 10 in driver points having missed the Daytona 500 was indeed awesome! No one can take that away from him! Kevin Harvick is a young driver who will go far! With many years ahead of him to fine tune his skills, I believe we are looking at a future Cup Champion!

Besides Kevin Harvick, I truly do like many others such as Dale Jr., Tony Stewart, Kenny Wallace, Mark Martin to name a few. I could name them all but you probably already know their names! LoL... Not too many I don't care for but I do dislike some attitudes but hey, that's part of racing. I also enjoy my memberships in a few NASCAR yahoogroups, especialy in 200mph as a moderator. Then I found a group Just for fans of Kevin Harvick. HappyHarvick_Fans .I truly enjoy this group as no other has such loyal fans of my Kevin "Happy" Harvick! There are a few others I enjoy as well.   

I also enjoy listening to music. I really like Jazz, some of the older jazz like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker to name a few. I ALSO like The Blues! B.B.King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy and Etta James, Ruth Brown. And of course I like NASCAR Country lol... Some rock~n~roll, easy listening and "The Oldies"!! Classic Rock I grew up to but not too much of the newer ROCK. I love Classical music very much, so see, I am very diverse when it comes to music!
    Good Luck to YOUR favorite drivers and may each and every race be a safe race!! Check out some pages I have made below!

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