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Voices From The Heart is a
200-women strong woman's chorus started in 1995 by Joanne Connelly in Portsmouth, N.H. to enable women to experience music and feel a connection through singing. Women of all ages, from high school students to great- grandmothers, blending their voices in songs of many languages that connect to their souls.There are no "try-outs" and no need to read music. These women learn the music by listening to Joanne and each other.

We sing... Traditional American, Gospel,
African-American Spirituals,
Celtic, Balkan Folk, Russian,
Appalachian Folk, Bosnian Folk,
Macedonian Folk, Welch Folk, Scottish Folk,
Indian, Serbian Gypsy, Korean, Albanian,
Bulgarian, Traditional African,Thi,
Yoruba West African, Republic Of Geogia, Nigerian,
Japanese Folk, Hebrew Prayer, Spanish,
American Folk and Contemporary pieces.
With many more to come... We have even sung a Medieaval piece!
We sang a selection from a Renaissance mass, titled "Sed Diabolus".
We have sung a 'Shape Note Song' from 1852, titled, "WEEPING MARY"! Very Beautiful!
We sing in many languages of Peace, Hope, Freedom. Anti-apartheid songs, and most of all, LOVE!

Joanne Connelly, singer & music educator from York, Maine, is both the founder and director of Voices From The Heart since 1995. Inspired by cultures and sounds from around the world, she researches and then brings music to the chorus that speaks to the courage and beauty of the human soul. Once members understand the origins of these songs, they passionately bring them to life for their audiences.

As a director with boundless enthusiasm, wit, sensitivity and compassion, Joanne teaches the women to breathe, sing and dance to the rhythm of a song. She encourages them to experience the impact music has on their own lives.

Our concerts are at 4pm and 7pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church, in Portsmouth, N.H. All songs are recored live for future CD releases.

Titles to the CD's are...

Voices From The Heart, 1998
More Joy, 1999
Deep River, 2000
O Hear My Song, 2004

To arrange for a concert, you may contact Joanne at