Blind   Hope     

I awake in the morning
I have you on my mind.
I awake in the morning
I wonder where you are.
I remember all that has happened
I wish I could turn back time.
I awake in the morning

I long for your touch.
I wonder if I will ever feel your warmth
I wait to see if It was a dream
I look around, your things are gone.
I lay in bed longing for it to be done.

I wait for your promise
I wait for your love.
I know the hard work ahead,
I have felt this inside
I know we can make it
I know we will abide.
I know it's not long so
I wait for that morning

I long to look at you
I long for your smile.
I want us to be true to each other
I want us to be real
I want truth to be ours
I want love to be real.

I will awake tomorrow
I will remember our plight
I will pray for our hearts
I will pray for insight.
I will continue to love you
I will wait for your love.

I can see down the road
I can see a heavy load
I will be there beside you
I will carry my share
I will encourage you too
I will be patient with you
I want you to know
I still love you
I know you love me too.
~by Brenda29~ Feb.16, 2002

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