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Kevin Harvick

Birthdate: December 8, 1975 One of three children Home town: Bakersfield, Cali Residence: Mooresville, N.C. Height: 5' 10" Married: Yes Wifes name: Delana Children: No

Kevin Harvick started racing go karts at age 5. He then Went on to win 7 National titles and 2 Grand National titles before he headed to late models. In 1993, he captured his first late model title. in 1995, he went on to win rookie honors in the featherlite southwest series. in 1998, he won the Winston west championship before moving on to Craftsmen truck racing which produced no wins.

IN 2000 when he joined Busch Grand Nationals, among 3 rookies battling it out over the year, Kevin Harvick came out victorious making it 2 rookie honors in less than 3 years. Harvick went on to finish 3rd that year in the points with 3 wins to his credit. The following year grew more promising with a 2001 Busch Grand National championship tacked to his name with 5 wins and 5 poles. Not to mention winning the Raybestos Rookie of the Year award in Winston Cup. First driver ever to win both titles in the same year.

2001 came around and we lost one of the greatest drivers known to the racing league. Dale Earnhardt lost his life at the track in which it took him 20 long years to win the Daytona 500. The racing fans were in awe for a long time after this, and then came out of the ashes a new born kid that goes up to Richard Childress and request he take over for the late great Dale Earnhardt. This young talented kid was none other than Kevin Harvick.

While many fans didn't know what to think of this young driver who wanted to fill Dales shoes, Richard childress seen potential in this young gun, not to fill Dale Earnhardts shoes though, but to make a name for himself. 2001 we saw him finish the season in 9th place and with one win on March 11th, 2001- or 3-11-01 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Although it may seem strange, or if coincidence was involved, to win the 3rd race he entered in Winston Cup in the 3rd month has many wondering if he hadn't had help from up above.

Now in 2003, Kevin Harvick has exceeded his demands of what was expected of him in the Winston Cup Series. 2 Wins came this year and finished a comfortable 4th in the 2003 standings. Whether you love him or hate him, Kevin Harvick is here to stay and we are sure you will be seeing more of him in victory lane.

Next year we are losing some old tradition in the sport. Since 1972, We have grown accustomed to calling this series "Winston Cup". Now the big wigs want to stomp out the "butts" that brought NASCAR to the level they are at now, to only get tossed aside and for "NASCAR 'Nextel' Series" to begin in 2004. Kevin Harvick has a prominent future in this sport, with a little sas and allot of brass, this rising star is going places. What can be said about Kevin with relative certainty is that he possesses the talent and focus to win any race he enters, that and he has a superb team backing him up.

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